Published: Jul 10, 2010 12:28 AM EDT
Updated: Jul 09, 2010 9:17 PM EDT

FORT MYERS, FL- A home owner, comes face to face with a thief.
Deputies are looking for a man, they say is posing as an air conditioner repair man.
Instead of helping cool down your house, he's creating a major mess.

Homeowner Edward Nelson says, "I heard ding dong, so I said they can wait for me."

Not a minute later, Nelson heard it again.

"I said alright alright, I'm coming."

It wasn't a friendly face at the door, but a man Nelson didn't know. The man got in his truck, but he wasn't leaving.

Nelson says, "I heard clink clink clink, right outside my window and I said that's funny, it sounds like the AC thing. I went out quickly the back door not thinking, come around the corner, and there's this guy taking the panel off my AC."

The heavy set man, Nelson estimates to be in his fifties with a grey beard, saw him and jumped.

"We were both startled we both sort of jumped back."

Then the excuses began.

Nelson says, "I said what you doing with my AC? He said, "This is a service."  I said "No, my cousin does all the service. He said , "I must have the wrong address." I said, "I'm calling the police."

The man ran off quickly, got into his maroon pick up truck and drove away, leaving Nelson infuriated.

He says, "An AC unit as old as mine at best he's going to get 30,40 dollars. It's not like he was going to make a lot of money."