Published: Jul 08, 2010 9:35 PM EDT
Updated: Jul 08, 2010 6:35 PM EDT

HIGHLANDS COUNTY, Fla - Authorities have completed the investigation into a tour bus crash in Highlands County that killed 5 people on board the bus.  The accident happened in February near Lake Placid.

The investigation revealed the following:
- Both vehicles were in proper working order and did not contribute to the crash.
- Roadway characteristics and condition did not contribute to this crash.
- Both drivers were properly licensed with clean driving records.
- Vehicle 1 was stopped on Lake Francis Road at US 27 facing east.  V-2 was northbound on US 27 in the outside lane approaching Lake Francis Road.  Vehicle 1 moved into the center median divider of  US 27.  Driver 1 did not see the approaching Vehicle 2.  Driver 1 turned north into the inside lane of  US 27.  Driver 1 then moved into the outside lane, into the path of  Vehicle 2.  Upon collision, Vehicle 2 entered the east shoulder and overturned ejecting several passengers.
-Driver 1 was cited for Improper Change Of Lane Or Course.  This is a civil infraction that requires a mandatory court appearance.
-No criminal charges will be filed in this case.