Published: Jun 29, 2010 12:57 AM EDT
Updated: Jun 28, 2010 4:43 PM EDT

Florida has plenty of wind, waves, and sunshine to power the entire state and then some… but we’re not capturing enough to break our dependence on oil.  Only four percent of the state’s power comes from renewable resources.

Mike Antheil of Florida Alliance of Renewable Energy says, "There are 50 states in the US and about 49 of them are leading Florida when it comes to renewable energy.”

A 120 member clean energy Congress is meeting in Tallahassee this week, to move Florida up in the ranks.  But past efforts to go green have failed.  Like the promise to reimburse Floridians who installed solar panels on their homes. 10-thousand people are still waiting for their checks.  Al Simpler of Simpler Solar Systems says more would participate if the money was there. “If they had a way to finance it, there would be six times as many people putting in solar.”

Cutting down the gas consumption of the state’s fleet of cars is also on the agenda.  Participant Fran Sullivan-Fahs drove a newer electric car to capitol for the clean energy congress.  “If we had more state incentives for electric transportation, that would help people who can not afford a pricier car to be able to get one.”

At noon Tuesday, the delegates will sign a pledge to stop using oil, a declaration that might take decades to fulfill.