Published: Jun 25, 2010 10:57 PM EDT
Updated: Jun 25, 2010 7:57 PM EDT

Bonita Springs, Fla - Thousands of people across Southwest Florida are taking a stand against the oil spill.

On Saturday, June 26th people will participate in "Hands Across the Sand.

Up to a thousand people are expected to be at Bonita Beach where one of the events is taking place.

People will gather at eleven.

Then precisely at noon, they'll line up by the shoreline, stand together and hold hands.

Their purpose is to take a stand against the worst environmental disaster this country has ever seen.

"I grew up and here and remember playing on the beach. It's a big part of my life," said Matthew Davis, who will participate in Bonita Beach's event.

Each day as oil continues to gush into the Gulf of Mexico, Davis gets more frustrated.

"Initially I was really angry. Then I got depressed and sad," he said.

With his emotions spewing, Davis knew he needed to do something.

"We have a responsibility to act," he said.

On Saturday, Matthew will be one of the many people taking part in Hands Across the Sand event.

Those participating want to show solidarity and promote renewable energy practices.

"It is not about political affiliation this is affects everywhere," said Sayer Ji, another man participating in Bonita Beach's Hands Across the Sand.

So many people like Ji are concerned about the Gulf disaster that Hands Across the Sand has become a worldwide event.

At 11 am in time zones around the globe people will unite at beaches.

At noon they'll stand side by side, hand in hand for fifteen minuets.

642 cities are participating.

599 of those cities are in the United States..

In Southwest Florida: people will gather in Fort Myers, Bonita Springs, Marco Island, Naples, Cape Coral, and Englewood.

Those who are involved hope politicians listen and take action.

"If we can all do something small, it doesn't have to be big, the more we shift our lifestyle then the Government has to pay attention. It's at their peril," Davis said.

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