Published: Jun 24, 2010 5:40 AM EDT
Updated: Jun 24, 2010 12:20 AM EDT

SANIBEL ISLAND, Fla. - There was a frightening plane crash off Sanibel Island Wednesday afternoon. The pilot and his wife were able to walk away after their plane went down in the gulf.

It happened near Bowman's Beach. Even though the plane is built to land on water - this was a crash landing.

A plane goes down on Sanibel Island while dozens of beach-goers look-on. WINK News was sent pictures right after the crash by Bob Szanto.

"It looks like it's coming straight down to land right on us."

"It looked like he was just waiting to clear the people - the folks that were swimming, so that he could try to put it down for a splash."

"It landed - it kinda flipped."

Chris Danzi is here from New York hoping for some R and R.

"You come down here to unwind and a plane falls out of the sky."

Then he saw the plane make a crash landing.

"It hit the surf really hard. It took three violent bounces and on the fourth one it looked like he might have rolled it."

Danzi and Lane Melton were the first people to reach the pilot. They said he appeared to be okay, but shaken up.

"His comment was that, 'I wanted to land it right here and he said, 'I saw the people and I couldn't land it because there were too many people' and that's why he chose down the beach aways."

"He did confirm that he put it down on an emergency landing because he was having problems with the plane."

Everyone on the beach said they were really impressed with how quick the responders arrived and how helpful tourists were when this plane went down.

The pilot and his passenger, his wife, walked away from the crash unharmed.