Published: Jun 21, 2010 11:04 PM EDT
Updated: Jun 21, 2010 8:04 PM EDT

Cape Coral, Fla -  In two days almost two dozen car burglaries in Cape Coral.

The car burglaries span the entire city.

From the southeast to the northeast area.

In all, thousands of dollars worth of were items stolen.

"We're just in fear that no matter what, nobody is safe anymore," said Connie, who had several of her cars burglarized.

She doesn't want to give her last name, but she's scared after a series of car burglaries in her neighborhood over the weekend.

"There was a wallet stolen out of their vehicle. That house down the corner had their prescription glasses stolen," she said.

Connie's four cars were burglarized too.

It happened in the driveway.

Connie had thousands of dollars worth of stuff stolen.

"It's really sad that society has come to this point that I can't even leave something in my car without stolen," Connie said.

A few blocks away from her home, more car break-ins.

"You never thought something like this would happen," said Edwin Torres.

He had hundreds of dollars worth of parts stripped from his car.

His mother says it frustrating.

"You works so hard for what you have. Then here comes somebody who doesn't work at all and tries to find people who are naive and vulnerable," said Yvonne Torres, Edwin's mother.

There's a common denominator between all the victims.

"I left it unlocked. My mistake," said Edwin.

Since Friday, 19 cars were burglarized across the city.

In each case the doors were unlocked.

In southeast Cape Coral there were several thefts.

Many in the same area.

Some on the same street.

It's unclear if these are connected with burglaries in the northeast section of the city.

According to police reports, a suspect in the northeast burglaries was caught.

He's a juvenile, so we're not naming him.

But he was busted with the stolen goods.

Connie is relieved.

She was able to get her stuff back and learn a lesson.

"I've learned from this. Everything will be locked. Locked at all times. My house of course are always locked but now my vehicles will be locked as well," she said.

To avoid being a victim here's what Cape Coral Police say to do:

 1) Lock your car doors

2) Hide your belongings. Out of sight out of mind.

3) Make sure you take your garage door opener out of your car. If you leave your car unlocked, you are giving the crook easy access to not only your car, but your house too.

4) If you see anything suspicious, call police immediately.