Published: May 26, 2010 12:19 AM EDT
Updated: May 25, 2010 7:38 PM EDT

Lee County, Fla -  A Pine Island woman says she lost $1,500 hundred dollars to scammers, who promised to install new hurricane shutters on her home.

But the work was never done and the business owners have disappeared.

Virginia Grafton did all her homework before hiring the company to install her hurricane shutters.

She checked to see if the contractor had a valid license, which they did.

But it turns out, she still got scammed.

"I'm angry. I'm upset. I cried for two weeks," Grafton said.

It's been more than a month since Virginia Grafton hired Dynamite Aluminum & Storm Protection Inc.

She paid the Cape Coral company to install hurricane shutters on her home.

"He seemed legit," Grafton said about the salesman.

Grafton says the man came to her porch, knocked on her door and sold her on a sob story.

"He said it had been slow and he needed work. I did check and he did have a license," Grafton said.

She signed a contract and wrote a $1,500 hundred dollars deposit check.

That was in April.

"He said he would be able to do the job in three weeks,"

Today, the work still isn't been done!

So Virginia's been calling the company

"For two weeks, I got an answering machine, which got me suspicious," she said.

Finally, she did got a hold of the company.

"I said my name. She (the woman on the phone)  said, "I can't hear you. I can't hear you. Then hung up," Grafton said.

Fed up, Virginia wants her money back.

But they still aren't returning her calls.

"There's no way I can contact these people," she said.

Neither could WINK News.

We called the two business phone numbers listed on the contract.

Both were disconnected.

We then went to the business address, which turned out be a home in Cape Coral.

The man who answered the door moved in a couple days ago.

He says the previous tenants moved out, in a hurry.

Virginia filed a report with the Lee County Sheriff's Office, who is investigating.

But she's still out the money.

And with hurricane season around the corner, she still doesn't have storm shutters.

"I'm stressed. My gut hurts," she said.

To avoid becoming a victim or if something feels suspicious, the Lee County Sheriff's Office say to call their fraud line at 239-477-1242

Also check with the Better Business Bureau before you sign a contract.

By the way, the BBB gives Dynamite Aluminum & Storm Protection Inc a C- rating.