Published: May 19, 2010 11:05 PM EDT

FORT MYERS, FL- Every snip at Touch salon in Fort Myers is helping out the environment in ways customer Carol Ryan never would have imagined.

Ryan says, "I'm totally surprised."

For three years the salon has been taking the clips that would normally be discarded and are collecting them.
They are then sent to Louisiana to be made into oil boom.

Ryan says, "I'm happy to contribute."

Something owner Mary Butcher says is now more important than ever.

Butcher says, "We have thousands of volunteers right now that are working really hard to make booms out of our hair."

Dozens of cuts later, the salons containers are full. Butcher carries them to her car, and takes them to a warehouse, where they're shipped out by the group called "Matter of Trust."

Butcher says, "This is actually what a boom looks like, the booms actually hold the oil back and with the leftover hair we make hair mats."

Public response has been so good, this warehouse manager says he's been receiving hair donations in the mail from every state.

So whether it's hair from across the country.
Or from our backyard. It's all put to good use.

Butcher says, "It takes about a pound of hair to soak up a 5 quart pound of oil."