Published: May 17, 2010 11:29 PM EDT

BONITA SPRINGS, Fla -  WINK News uncovers new details about a deputy-involved shooting.

42-year-old Craig Spitz was killed by deputies early Monday morning in Bonita Springs.

The shooting happened after Spitz allegedly shot a former co-worker, led deputies on a chase, and then pointed a gun at them.

Deputies shot and killed Spitz  near his Bonita Springs home on Morton Avenue near Sunset Lane.

Spitz's mother tells WINK News her son suffers from bi-polar disorder and was having trouble finding work.

That's when she says, he snapped.

"It's outrageous something like this could happen," said Barry Trice, V.P. Of Guest Services at The Inn at the Springs.

Craig Spitz used to work at the hotel.

On Sunday night, he allegedly went back to the hotel and shot a co-worker.

The injured employee was shot twice.

He is recovering at a local hospital.

Barry Trice says Spitz was fired from the hotel almost two years ago.

"None of us at the hotel had any contact with Mr. Spitz at any time since he departed," Trice said.

Itt's unclear if the employee was specifically targeted, but Trice says the injured man and Spitz had several altercations.

"Nothing serious. They were always settled," Trice said.

After the hotel shooting, witnesses say Spitz took off.

Hours later, deputies say they found Spitz driving near his home.

A spokesman from the Lee County Sheriff's Office say deputies tried to pull him over, but Spitz refused.

A brief chase ignited before Spitz's Saturn crashed into a ditch.

When deputies approached the car to arrest him, Spitz allegedly pulled out a gun.

Deputies opened fire, killing him.

"I saw a car in the ditch and I thought it was an accident," said one neighbor about the crime scene.

Crime scene tape stretched several block almost all day Monday.

Investigators cleared the crime scene around 3pm.

Spitz's mother told WINK News her snapped after not being able to find work for nearly two years.

She said bills were piling up, he couldn't afford his medication, and he blamed the hotel for his problems.

The investigation continues.

Meanwhile, the four deputies involved in Craig Spitz's shooting death are on administrative leave.

We are told that is routine during the investigation of a deputy involved shooting.