Published: May 03, 2010 11:15 AM EDT

VENICE, La. (AP) - Another week of oil pouring from the
seafloor. Concrete and metal boxes are being built to siphon the
oil gushing from the blown out well into the Gulf of Mexico. But BP
PLC says they won't be in place for at least six days, and the
system has never been tried at such depths.
      Dead sea turtles are washing ashore and the massive rust-colored
slick continues to swell. More than 6,800 square miles of federal
fishing area have been closed, just as the spring season begins.
      The rig exploded April 20, killing 11 people. A blowout
preventer should have stopped the flow, but the mechanism failed.
Chemical dispersants meant to break up the oil have had little
success. The oil could keep gushing for months until a second well
can be dug to cut off the first.
      The slick also was precariously close to a key shipping lane
that feeds goods and materials to the interior of the U.S. by the
Mississippi River, and shipping could soon be limited.