Published: Apr 20, 2010 11:33 AM EDT

Earlier this month the Cape Coral city council voted to bury power lines downtown.  But the debate continues now over who will pay for the project.

The Cape's Community Redevelopment Agency is likely to accept the financial responsibility for these new power lines.  That's where the city left it a week ago when it voted to put the power lines underground.

But burying the lines down Del Prado Blvd and on SE 46th Lane will cost an estimated 4.5 million dollars.  LCEC will kick in $600,000.  That's how much the utility company was willing to pay to put the high voltage lines up this summer.

But Cape Mayor John Sullivan is asking the City Attorney to look into the city's agreement with LCEC to see if the company should be paying more.

The CRA will vote today on carrying the financial responsibility.