Published: Apr 15, 2010 8:26 PM EDT

(Ft. Myers, AP) Today organizers of tax-day tea parties are preparing for their biggest day of the year, as thousands of demonstrators participate in local rallies against high taxes and big government spending.

Tea parties are taking place all over the country, including here in Southwest Florida.  A local rally will be held at 5 pm, Thursday at Laishley Park in Punta Gorda. Another rally will be held at Noon at the corner of Pine Ridge Road and US 41 in Naples.
Organizers across the country want to project an image of peaceful people
upset by big spending, high taxes and a burdensome federal government.

They're striving to keep the rallies from presenting
another image, of fringe groups and extremists obsessed with hateful messages.

Some rally planners have uninvited controversial speakers, beefed up security and are urging participants to pack cameras to capture evidence of any disruptors.

As many as 2,000 tax-day rallies are occurring in communities across the