Published: Apr 14, 2010 1:39 PM EDT

TALLAHASSEE, FlA. -  Today teachers across Lee County and across Florida, will be protesting Senate Bill Six.  They've taken their fight all the way to the governor's doorstep, hoping they will be heard.
The clock is ticking for the Governor to sign Senate Bill 6 into law. The controversial bill gets rid of teacher tenure, and creates merit pay.
Teachers are trying to convince Governor Charlie Crist to veto the legislation, and right now, the governor is at the center of lobbying efforts by both sides.

Pockets of teachers from across the state, including here in Southwest Florida, walked capitol hallways yesterday, delivering petitions asking the governor to veto Senate Bill Six. Crist did meet with them briefly.
Some teachers said, if the bill is signed, good teachers will be reluctant to work in Florida.  But on the other side of the debate are the state's largest business groups, who are calling on the governor to stand with them and sign Senate Bill Six.
Governor Charlie Crist says he's never been lobbied this hard.  He continues to say he hasn't made up his mind, and he has concerns.
Governor Crist has until midnight Friday to act on the legislation.