Published: Apr 13, 2010 12:46 PM EDT

(Ft. Myers) Carpooling may be a thing of the past for some florida teens.
Tuesday, a senate bill is going before the Criminal Justice Committee and it might determine who can ride with teenage drivers.

15-year old Bishop Verot High School Student, Bibi Tejera can't wait to someday drive with friends.

"I know a lot of my friends carpool to like practices for sports and teams and it's just another way to save gas," said Bibi.

But with this law, if you're under 18, for six months after you get your license, you would not be allowed to have any teens under 18 as passengers, except siblings or children.

If I'm not allowed to have my friends in the car it would be weird because I have been able to do it," said one teen driver.

After that six-month period, the maximum number of teen passengers under 18 years old is three.

"I believe it will go a long way in helping reduce the accidents on the road," said another teen.

A father of two teen boys from Chicago supports the change.

He says Illinois has a similar law.

"Between  cds and dvds and text messaging and phones they have far too much distraction," said the father.

But some say it's just another way to put money in the state's pockets.

"You're stereotyping people, some drivers are excellent, some people have been driving for 20 years and shouldn't have their license in the first place, so I think anytime you have these gross restrictions it's a revenue raiser for the state," said Attorney Joe Viacava.