Published: Jul 18, 2014 6:50 PM EDT
Updated: Jul 19, 2014 10:58 AM EDT

LEE COUNTY, Fla. -  It can treat an aneurysm and even stop a stroke in it's tracks all in less than 20 minutes.

Sharon Warwick is calling it a medical miracle, "I mean I tell people I wouldn't be alive."

A few months ago she went to the hospital to have heart surgery, but while she was on the table something went wrong, "I went into a stroke."

The medical team jumped into action, and Sharon was brought into a new room.  Lee Memorial Health Systems now has state of the art technology that allows Doctors to perform Brain surgery, treating a stroke or aneurysm, without having to cut open your skull.

"We go from the leg all the way up into the brain, find that clot and we use devices to disrupt or open that clot," says Dr. Razeck.

The machine uses cameras around your head, to make a 3D model.  The model then allows doctors to watch as they run a catheter as thin as a piece of hair up through the leg, into the brain.

"We took a small tiny catheter with a device inside of it, and pulled that clot out of her brain, " says Razeck.

Sharon went from sluring her speech, to speaking clearly in a matter of seconds.

"She wasn't able to move the right side of her body," says the Doctor. "As soon as we pulled that clot out, she immediately said, hey what's going on."

To put it in perspective, Sharon's mother had a stroke years ago and still suffers complications to this day.  Sharon underwent a stroke just weeks ago, and is almost fully recovered.

"I didn't believe them," says Sharon when asked what she though when doctors said she had a stroke. "I thought maybe they had it all wrong."

Doctors say the procedure is available all of time, no matter when a stroke happens, "We don't close on holidays, we don't close on weekends." The facility is open 24/7, 365.

"It was amazing," says Sharon. "It was an amazing situation."