Published: Jan 02, 2014 10:19 AM EST
Updated: Jan 02, 2014 6:45 PM EST

Slim Gillian and his wife, Laura, donated 300 pounds of food to local food banks on Tuesday.

"Can you imagine people losing weight and somehow, turning that into a venture to help the hungry," said Gary Bruton, Vice President of operations for Saint Matthew's House, which received a portion of the food.  "What a wonderful contrast!"

For the Gillians, the venture began in 2012, when Slim weighed 650 lbs.

"It was just a really miserable life. My quality of life was non-existent," Gillian said.  "I genuinely felt that I had no value -- no worth."

Gillian started setting small goals for himself.  First, he gave up meat for lent.  From there, he said his motivation grew.

"(I knew) there would be other things I could do, and stretch myself in ways I wouldn't normally have been grown or stretched," Gillian said.

The Gillians adopted a new challenge every 40 days and blogged about it along the way.  People started taking notice, including Ben Miller.  Miller completed his own weight loss journey and asked the Gillians to participate in his national "Donate My Weight" challenge.

Together, the couple lost 300 pounds.

"It shows not only am i not worthless, I have so much worth," Gillian said.  "I have so much to give, and it's cool to be able to utilize that and to give that."