Published: Mar 30, 2013 12:18 AM EDT

Fort Myers, Fla.- Blood usage by patients, particularly for universal donor type O negative,  used in trauma and emergency situations has drained supplies at Florida’s Blood Centers, a division of OneBlood, Inc. All O negative donors are urged to contact Florida’s Blood Centers as soon as possible to donate. Most blood types are also in short supply. Please call1.888.9.DONATE (936.6283)for donation locations and hours.   


Only 7 % of the population has type O negative blood, the universal blood type-meaning any patient can receive O Negative blood regardless of the recipient’s blood type.  O Negative is critical for trauma patients, premature babies and emergency surgeries. 


To see our video about the importance of O negative blood donations click HERE.


O negative donors can donate at any Florida’s Blood Centerslocation or on any Big Red Bus. To find donation locations click HERE. 


 Blood donations profoundly affect the lives of patients in our community. In many cases one donation could impact or even save the lives of three patients. Generally, healthy people age 16 or older who weigh at least 110 pounds can donate blood.