Published: Jul 26, 2013 12:36 PM EDT

The state department of education released grades for Florida elementary and middle schools. Statewide, there are far more D's and F's this year. Scores were based largely on student test scores.

Now that the numbers have been released, the Lee County School Sistrict said they're happy with what they see, even with a controversial last-minute change to the grading process that limits the number of schools that can receive F ratings.

As part of that change, the Department of Education recommended a temporary rule that limits a school grade from dropping more than one letter at a time. The report shows 12 Lee County Schools benefitted from that safety net.

Out of the 95 schools in the district, the majority received A's, being 29 schools in total. Only three schools received an F, those being Franklin Park Elementary, Hans Marsh Middle, and Lee Charter Academy.

The district said changes in scoring did help a number of schools.

"It helps for us to have that safety net while we adjust the increased standard," said Dr. Greg Adkins, assistant superintendent of operations. "I think overall were pleased with the results. We can always do better, and I think you're going to see us do better as we move forward."

The district said there is room for improvement.

Today's grades are only for elementary and middle schools. High schools will find out their grades after the state collects more information.