Published: Jul 23, 2013 12:52 PM EDT

It's back to the books for more than 500 educators in the Lee County School District as they gear up for the year ahead. They attended a New Teacher Induction Program Tuesday, with the goal of making sure every new teacher has the tools they need to get students off on the right foot.

Many teachers are brand new to the classrooms, beginning their teaching careers with the Lee County School District, but many more have several years experience under their belts, and are bringing their skills to Lee County.

The Lee County School District still has more than 40 positions to fill for the school year ahead. They say that's typical for a district of this size, being one of the 10 largest districts in the state.

All incoming teachers must go through the induction program, touching on wide range of topics such as the district's code of ethics and protecting Florida's children. On top of the training program, all new instructors are assigned a mentor who will guide them throughout their first year on the job.