Published: Jun 27, 2013 11:41 AM EDT
Updated: Jun 27, 2013 4:58 PM EDT

LEE COUNTY, Fla.- The Lee County School Board approved Superintendent Nancy Graham's proposed organizational chart in a 4-0 vote this morning.

In a very quick and unanimous vote, the school board approved Dr. Graham's new administrative team, that noticeably leaves out two controversial administrators put on leave last week. Dr. Deedara Hicks and Dr. Alberto Rodriguez are not coming back to the district.

Graham's new structure brings in one new administrator from Collier County and shifts some other around. She moved some directors into assistant superintendent positions, and rearranged the zones from geographical to school level based. The plan also brings in one new administrator from Collier County. Graham hopes to fill three open positions next month.

Overall, the plan saves about $1 million, and that's something board members say they support.

Graham says the new organizational chart streamlines positions and gives clearer definition of job titles. She says it's all about helping students succeed. "They are all about making sure students can achieve, the bricks and mortar matter, the environment matters, as far as whether or not kids can learn."

She says she only brought in one new administrator because she doesn't believe in making changes just for the sake of change. She says the right people are in place in the district. "We know each other, and I can easily say we're in it together without it being trite because we have been in it together before. I've worked with these people before, with the exception of a couple."

Graham called her first meeting "good and exciting." She says she plans to have open, transparent communication with board members and was glad to get unanimous support for her administrative plan. Board member Don Armstrong was not at the meeting.

Board chair Mary Fischer says she's excited about Graham's leadership. "I think it was kind of like 'oh my goodness' we can get back on track and do good things, and the sky's the limit."

The board also discussed how it will evaluate Dr. Graham for her first year. After a bit of discussion, the board decided to keep its original plan of evaluations every three months, beginning in October. Graham will also have to submit a self evaluation two weeks prior.