Published: Jun 05, 2013 8:57 PM EDT

LEE COUNTY, Fla.- Incoming Lee County School Superintendent Dr. Nancy Graham is meeting with all executive directors this week, as she gets closer to naming her leadership team.

WINK News sat down with Graham just two weeks before she'll be sworn in as superintendent.

She says she's excited to take on the role and ready to get started, but she knows she has a lot of work ahead of her.

She says her leadership style involves a lot of communication, and she thinks she'll be able to get the sometimes fractured school board all on the same page and working together.

Graham also says she is spending the next week meeting with all 35 people in the executive positions in the district.

Last week, the school board eliminated those 35 positions, effective July 1, so Graham could make her own appointments to her leadership team. She says, "I'm meeting with each of them individually, to give them an opportunity. It's not about selling themselves, I really just need to understand their role and how it fits in the organization and how it touches children." The school board has tentatively scheduled a June 25 meeting to reinstate those positions.

Last night, the school board voted to begin a national superintendent search in October. When asked how she feels about that, Graham said "it's their decision." She says she will do her best to prove she is the right person for the job in the long run. She also says, "what would be a concern is if people felt like while this search is going on in the background, that whatever I'm trying to do to move us forward is something they're afraid to buy into because they don't think I'm gonna be there so that will be the challenge. If there is a challenge that will be the challenge."

Graham will be sworn in on June 19 and takes over for Dr. Joseph Burke, who is retiring.