Published: Mar 15, 2013 4:20 PM EDT
Updated: Mar 15, 2013 6:38 PM EDT

FORT MYERS, Fla. - For the first time, a Lee County School District administrator who was at the center of an investigation before coming to Lee County, is speaking publicly.  Dr. Deedara Hicks worked at Florida Atlantic University before coming to southwest Florida.  Friday she said she quit but the state said that was six day after they fired her.   

With her attorney by her side, Dr. Hicks wouldn't speak on camera but said she never received a notice from the Florida Department of Education about any performance issues while at F.A.U.  She said she resigned because of health issues from gastric bypass surgery.

Also in a statement given to WINK News, Dr. Hicks said "she did not receive a copy of nor did she have any knowledge of the letter ... about performance issues until a copy was requested and received from the media."

When WINK News asked about allegations of being drunk on the job here in Lee County and if she ever had wine bottles in her purse while working in Lee County, Dr. Hicks said "I don't recall having wine bottles and I don't want to be investigation."  Adding "I don't want to be on trial for anymore of this."

Dr. Hicks also said the media frenzy around her is "impeding the process of educating the children."

Dr. Hicks and her attorney said they want to move forward.  Adding that the investigation into Dr. Hicks alleged drinking problem at work was conducted by the Florida Department of Education and she was not disciplined.  Dr. Hicks said the letter she received making the accusations that she was drunk came five months after the alleged date and wasn't on district letterhead.

WINK News asked if Dr. Hicks thought she was being favored by Superintendent Dr. Joseph Burke, since the two worked together before Lee County, she said no.  Dr. Hicks said "Dr. Burke favors everyone."


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