Published: Jun 05, 2012 6:13 PM EDT

LEE COUNTY, Fla.- The State has released the remaining grade-level results from the 2012 Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test (FCAT) and they indicate that Lee County students are performing at or above State averages in most grades in reading and mathematics. This year the State made significant changes to the test (also called FCAT 2.0), making it more difficult and raising the minimum scores (i.e. cut scores) needed to pass.

In reading, Lee County students scored at or above State averages in six out of eight grade levels.

In math, Lee County students met or exceeded State averages in four out of six grade levels.

In science, fifth-grade students scored slightly below the State average while eighth-graders outscored their counterparts around the State.

Previously released writing scores showed that local students outscored the State in all three grade levels (fourth, eighth and 10th.)

This year, new cut scores impacted the overall percentages of students who scored at the proficient level (Level 3 and above.) FCAT 2.0 assesses student progress on the Next Generation Sunshine State Standards, which is a more rigorous set of standards than was in place in the past.

All students in third through 10th grade participate in FCAT testing in reading. FCAT 2.0 was administered in math in third through eighth grade. Only fifth- and eighth-graders take the FCAT science test. Scores are reported as percentages of students scoring in Levels 3 - 5 for reading, math and science. There are five achievement levels for all tests, with Level 5 being the highest.

The official State Accountability Report (school grading) is expected to be released in July. Individual Student Reports for parents will be available for pick up at schools after June 20th.