Published: May 18, 2012 5:10 PM EDT
Updated: May 18, 2012 5:52 PM EDT

The Department of Education has released some of the state FCAT scores.

The board was forced to lower the passing score for writing earlier this week, after preliminary results showed only about a third of students would pass. Taking a look at the first round of results, students in Lee, Collier and Charlotte counties scored above the state average in nearly every grade and category.

Fifty-two percent of Florida students in ninth grade were reading at a passing level. In Lee County, 53 percent passed. And in Collier and Charlotte, 55 percent scored in the acceptable level, three or above. Meanwhile, half of Florida students in tenth grade hit that third reading level, which is considered passing. That's down ten percent from last year, when the reading passing score was lower than it is now.

Collier County sophomores were in line with the rest of the state, while Charlotte scored six percentage points higher. In Lee, just 49 percent of tenth graders passed their reading portion.

Finally, fourth grade writing had the most promising performance statewide. That may be in part because the Department of Education held an emergency vote earlier this week. They lowered the passing score from a four to a three to avoid showing that the vast majority would fail state standards. Under this revised plan, 81 percent of students in that grade earned the 3.0 or higher. In Collier, only 74 percent got the same score, while Charlotte hit about 76 percent.

Lee County students scored four percent above the state average.

Additional FCAT reading scores, along with results of math and science testing, have not yet been released.