Published: Nov 02, 2011 9:20 PM EDT

COLLIER COUNTY, Fla - The Florida Department of Education confirms that the Collier County Public School district is in full compliance with the State of Florida Class Size Reduction Amendment.

In making the announcement, the Collier District’s Chief Operational Officer Michele LaBute said, “This is the result of a truly collaborative effort and a great deal of hard work by staff at both the district and school levels. Everyone involved is to be commended!”

The 2002 Class Size Reduction Constitutional Amendment limits the size of all classes identified by the state as “core” classes. Core classes include mathematics, English, science, and social studies, among others. No core class in Collier exceeds the limits imposed by the Amendment and the average class size is significantly below the limits.

Grades State Limit Collier County Class-Size Average

Pre-Kindergarten through 3 18 students 14.89 students

4through 8 22 students 17.54 students

9through 12 25 students 19.71 students

To achieve Class Size Reduction, the district hired an additional 200 teachers this year at a cost of approximately $13 million. School districts in Florida not in compliance with the Class-Size Reduction amendment face fines levied by the state.