Published: Sep 14, 2011 9:13 PM EDT

(AP) - Are schools pushing math at the expense of reading and writing?

An official with the College Board says that's one possible reason for the decline in SAT reading scores for the high school class of 2001. The scores are the lowest on record.

And the combined reading and math scores fell to their lowest point since 1995.

College Board officials point out that the test-taking pool has expanded, particularly among Hispanics -- a sign that more students are aspiring to college. And when there are more test-takers, the average score will decline.

But the increasingly diverse group of test-takers is clearly having more trouble with reading and writing than with math.

Still, other tests have shown reading skills holding steadier.

A scientist at the American Institutes of Research says based on the other tests, he thinks skills are staying about the same -- but that in comparison to the rest of the world, "we're still not doing all that well."