Published: May 26, 2011 4:56 PM EDT
Updated: May 26, 2011 4:57 PM EDT

LEE & COLLIER COUNTIES, Fla.- The results of the 2011 3rd grade Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test (FCAT) were released Thursday by the Florida Department of Education. Reading and math scores for the District continue to exceed state averages in both areas. The District also outperformed every large district in Florida in both reading and math, Lee County Public Schools spokesman Joe Donzelli said. 

“It’s a testament to our teachers, students, principals – all of our staff – to see these results,” said Dr. Lawrence Tihen, Interim Superintendent of Schools. “I am very proud of all the hard work put forth by everyone – our community should be extremely excited to see our students continue to reach new academic heights.”

The percentage of Lee County 3rd graders scoring in Levels 3-5 in reading remained steady at 76 percent, compared to the state average of 72 percent. The percentage of Lee County third-graders scoring in Levels 3-5 in math increased from 79 percent to 82 percent and outpaced the state average of 78 percent.

The 2011 data represent all students, including exceptional education students (ESE) and students who are English language learners (ELL). In the official State Accountability Report (school grading), scheduled to be released in July, the Department of Education will use the FCAT Level 3-5 percentages to grade schools but will include only those students in the standard curriculum program (i.e. the ESE and ELL student-results will not be counted toward school grades).

The students who scored level one in reading will be given the opportunity to take the SAT10 Reading Comprehension Test in late May/early June with the possibility of attending a summer reading program to improve their reading skills and assessed again at the end of this program. According to State law, these students will be retained in third grade unless they are eligible for promotion through Good Cause Exemptions.

Paper reports will be sent home as soon as the District receives the Individual Student Reports in early June. Parents with questions are asked to contact their child’s school.

FCAT reading, math and science scores for other grades tested (grades 4-11) are expected to be released in early June.

Collier County schools also saw improvements in student scores in both reading and math.

Collier County's reading mean scores improved for eighteen schools compared to last year. Math mean scores improved for eleven schools.

According to Interim Superintendent Gary Brown: "We are analyzing our FCAT Grade 3 2.0 results. We were uncertain about what to expect because this is the initial year for FCAT 2.0 testing, and teachers and principals have worked extremely hard this year to prepare for the tests utilizing the new standards. Some schools have shown improvement while others have not. Our staff will be looking at the results and will provide support in the areas that need improvement."

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