Published: Feb 29, 2012 7:37 PM EST

Dave Nichols, head coach of the FGCU Volleyball and Sand Volleyball teams.
The primary difference between Volleyball and Sand Volleyball other than the location it is played is that a sand volleyball is played with two persons per team and the court is slightly smaller. The rules regarding legal contact are also slightly different. Conversely, traditional indoor volleyball has become a very specialized team sport where a "middle blocker" will constantly play at the center on the net. Beach volleyball or sand volleyball requires mixing up and mastering all of the specialized skills and techniques of an indoor player. "Some of our indoor girls are pretty uncomfortable out there on the sand; it's going to take them a little while to get it."

Some of the young ladies are doing both indoor and sand volleyball. Now that the regular season has ended, some of the indoor players will be playing outdoor also. Unfortunately, some of the players have very little skill and they need to learn it quickly.

There are only two home matches this season, March 30th will be home as they play Stetson and April 11th, the team will play FAU. There will be six events on the road this season, and all matches will be posted to the website,