Published: Feb 06, 2012 3:20 PM EST

"These are good times right now our teams playing well we have one two in a row.  we've won four out of the last five games two on the road.  Our team is playing well offensively and defensively we are looking forward to a big game tonight." said Heach Coach Enfield


Clayton asked, "Where are you now compared to where you thought you would be at this point in the season?"


"We have four freshmen and two sophomores who play a lot of minutes.  We were very inexperienced and young at the beginning of the year; we've made a lot of mistakes.  We were fortunate enough to have played a tough road schedule and had a lot of close games:  three one-point games and two other games that came down the last minute.  We've learned from that and we've closed out games much better.  Our guys are now more like sophomore and juniors now than true freshmen." replied Heach Coach Enfield


"Do you feel that maturity has been the biggest difference between the beginning of the year and right now as to what has changed?"


Head Coach Enfield replied "We've improved as a team.  Our upperclassmen have made strides as well.  When you put that type of improvement on each individual, then you improve defensively and offensively out of your team's structure, you see more wins.


"We have a big game coming ahead with Kenesaw state.  You're three games ahead of that #9 spot in the Atlantic Sun standings and the top 8 make the tournament.  How big of a motivation is it to make that tournament?"


"We haven't even discussed making that tournament.  Our biggest goal is to win our conference.  We are two games out of first place now...Monday night against Mercer, they are tied for first at Belmont; they are coming to our house.  We have two big games on Saturday and Monday.  We'll know more on Monday."