Published: Dec 07, 2011 5:19 PM EST

New Ohio State football coach, Urban Meyer will speak at the Night at the Nest event at FGCU, Meyer's daughter Gigi plays on the FGCU volleyball team. Clayton Ferraro speaks with Ken Kavanagh about Meyer's appearance and the success of the Eagle's athletic programs.

FGCU Night at the Nest is Sunday night, December 4th at Alico Arena with featured speaker, Urban Meyer. It's tremendously appreciated that Urban Meyer as he has accepted his new job at Ohio State that he is still taking time to come and speak at Night at the Nest even though he is "late in the process" for recruiting his staff. It's a great testament to the great relationship that Coach Nichols, Danny Mahi, and Faye Nelson have with the Meyer family that they didn't want to let us down.

The great success of the women's basketball team and baseball team are well known, but now both soccer teams have one conference championships and are advancing to the NCAA tournaments. Ken Kavanagh says that roughly about 3 years ago, when he came for a visit to FGCU from Bradley, he was amazed at how good the athletic teams had become in such a short period of time. It amazes him that the teams, coaches and administration have all worked together to make such a strong athletic program. In five years to win back to back championships in soccer. All other sports are either already succeeding or moving forward toward winning. Ken Kavanagh calls himself to be fortunate to be at FGCU every day.