Published: Nov 15, 2011 10:15 PM EST

Jim Blankenship, FGCU Women's Soccer Coach joins Clayton Ferraro by phone.  It has been an incredible week for the Eagle's team.  "It is a good time to be an Eagle," said Blankenship.  The women's team will be the first team to play in an NCAA tournament.  The whole focus has been to prepare for Florida.  Florida has been a top 10 program for many, many years.  The Eagles will need to be comfortable and confident and to stay focused on their game plan.  Florida's team is human.  Coach Blankenship has seen some things that they can exploit from Florida's play, but he also sees some skills that the Eagles need to work on.  He says that they will watch the movies "Hoosiers" and "Remember the Titans" to get the team pumped up for the big game.