Published: May 19, 2014 6:02 AM EDT -- It's hard to believe, but the Rubik's Cube -- that source of such absorption and frustration -- is now officially 40 years old. It didn't leave its home country of Hungary until May of 1980, but it was actually created in 1974 by inventor and architect Ern? Rubik.

This is probably why Google is paying homage to the toy now, with an interactive model right on its home page. It plays pretty much like you would expect: you click and drag outside the cube to rotate it, and click and drag inside the cube to twist.
It's probably not quite as time-consuming as the Pac-Man or Doctor Who games Google has created in the past, since it seems like there's only one cube configuration to be solved. (The Pac-Man game was accused of wasting 4,819,352 hours.)