CBS Denver

Scott Pelley will anchor "Nelson Mandela: Father of a Nation," an hour-long "48 Hours Presents" special from the journalists of CBS News exploring the social, cultural and political impact of his life on the world. The show will air Saturday, Dec. 7 at 9:00 p.m. on WINK.

During the special, CBS News’ Bob Simon will look at Mandela’s life from prisoner to president. Martha Teichner reports on what it was like to be in South Africa in 1990 when Mandela was released from prison and the impact on the country. Finally, CBS News Cultural Correspondent Wynton Marsalis and South African jazz legend Hugh Masekela will explore the role of music as an instrument for social change.

“Nelson Mandela: Father of a Nation” includes interviews with former United Nations Ambassador Andrew Young, Congressman and civil rights leader John Lewis, Archbishop and civil rights activist Desmond Tutu and Mandela autobiographer Richard Stengel.