Published: Nov 13, 2012 6:25 PM EST
Updated: Nov 13, 2012 6:42 PM EST

LEE COUNTY, Fla. - One week since the election and the complaints from frustrated voters keep on coming.

The Governor's office tells us it's received more than three-thousand calls about the local, state and national election.

"It was just very unacceptable and embarrassing for the state of Florida," says Cape Coral resident Sharee Thieleman.

She says, she waited in line for 5 and a half hours to vote.

"It just aggravates me when i think about it, what we went through and not only me but so many others," says her husband, Gunther Thieleman.

Gunther says he tried to vote early but the lines were too long so he left.  He says unfortunately the even longer lines **on election day caused some from his precinct, to turn away.

"There were so many people that showed up, looked at the line and left," he adds.

"I would call this year... when they said 'rock the vote,' I would call this 'suppress the vote' because it certainly did take away the right to vote from many people," adds Sharee.

WINK News has uncovered at least 25 emails and 15 phone calls complaining about election day in Lee County.  And some have taken their frustrations to the state. 

"We're definitely going to be working with someone to find funding to get some additional equipment in all the polling locations.  And hopefully we can get some flexibility for our early polling sites," says Sharon Harrington, Lee County Supervisor of Elections.

Tuesday, several groups including asked Governor Rick Scott to convene a task force to look into election day issues.