Published: Sep 27, 2012 10:18 AM EDT

BELL, Fla. (AP) - Paula Helton wants Republican Senate candidate Connie Mack to get more aggressive in his campaign to unseat Democrat Bill Nelson.
She gave Mack the advice at a barbecue restaurant in Bell during a stop on a bus tour Mack wraps up Thursday, punctuating her comments with her final two words: "Hammer him."
Not that Mack isn't trying. The six-day swing covered 17 cities and at each stop Mack pointed out the differences he has with Nelson on issues like federal spending, health care and even guns.
One problem for Mack, though, is that the presidential election seems to be stealing attention away from the Senate race with less than six weeks to the election. Crowds at the Mack events were typically between 40 and 60 people.

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