Published: Aug 20, 2012 11:08 PM EDT

FORT MYERS, Fla. - The Republican National Convention is set to begin next Monday at the Tampa Bay Times Forum; but if there's a party or event happening outside the main convention hall, there's a good chance its being planned by two Southwest Florida women.

"When we learned the convention was going to be there, we aggressively pursued being part of it," said Lori Cook North of The Eventful Company. She and business partner Pam Morrison were among the first to tour the venues surrounding the Republican National Convention last week, since that's where they'll be helping to host events for the thousands of delegates and visitors coming to Tampa. The Tampa Host Committee named The Eventful Company as an ofifcial Small Business Network Vendor for the RNC.

"This is something we started working on over a year ago," North said.

The Eventful Company has been hosting professional events and meetings in Southwest Florida since 2004.

"Some of the events that we've done here, we've worked for the Red Cross, we've done the conservancy of Southwest Florida's events, we've also done some other political events," said Pam Morrison.

"That's kind of what our whole business is all about anyway, we're used to doing events from two guests for an intimate cocktail party or something for thousands of people," North said.

They saw the RNC in Tampa as an opportunity, not only for their own business, but the many others they work with too.

"We share the wealth, if you will, because putting on an event, its not just us, its the camera people, its the AV people, its the caterers," Morrison said.

The business partners consider it a showcase for their skills and for South Florida.

"It's extremely exciting, challenging, but extremely exciting. That was intriguing to both of us, to be part of something-- and frankly, its history making too," Morrison said.