Published: Jun 06, 2012 4:47 AM EDT

FORT MYERS, Fla. - The Wisconsin recall race has received national attention and money, including from here in Southwest Florida.

An entire office full of transplanted Wisconsin natives were watching results from their home state on Tuesday in downtown Fort Myers.

Tuesday's after-work drinks became an election party for the employees at insurance consulting firm Jack Schroeder and Associates.

"We moved our national marketing office from Green Bay, Wisconsin to Fort Myers," said Michael Schroeder.

Though they're now Floridians, they're closely following what's happening back home.

"Us, all being from Wisconsin, living in Florida, we have constant ties to the state," said Anthony Bahr.

They're not the only ones. WINK News discovered dozens of Southwest Floridians donated to both candidates in the Wisconsin recall race. It even brought Governor Scott Walker to Naples in February for a fundraiser for his race against Tom Barrett.

Walker's visit drew protesters, many of them union members, upset about his support of a measure that reduced collective bargaining for public workers.

"We're not going to allow any governor or any politician in this country to strip us of our rights," Andy Madtes with the South Florida AFL-CIO told the crowd in February.

Walker supporters at Tuesday's party considered the recall a costly distraction.

"Every time we don't like what a politician did, we could have recalls all over the country, couldn't we? So its ridiculous," said Michael Schroeder.

"My little badge says 'Santa didn't give me what I wanted, recall Santa,'" said Anthony Bahr.

The Wisconsin transplants say their home state's vote could have ripple effect long beyond this race.

"With the coming Presidential election, this is going to be a key factor in it," said Bill Hansen.