Published: Jun 05, 2012 11:32 PM EDT
Updated: Jun 05, 2012 11:57 PM EDT

COLLIER COUNTY, Fla.- As people in Wisconsin head to the polls to make their voices heard in the recall election of Governor Scott Walker, people in Southwest Florida are making their voices heard as well.

People in Southwest Florida, especially Collier County, have donated thousands of dollars to the embattled governor's effort to hold on to his job.

One of those donors is John Orlandini. The Wisconsin native gave Walker $1,000 toward his campaign.

He says, "the state of Wisconsin needs help by business, not by unions. Help to get their feet back on the ground, I love that state."

Orlandini was a member of three different labor unions in Wisconsin. While many union members protested Governor Walker's legislation that cut collective bargaining rights and requires state workers to pay more for benefits, Orlandini supports the governor.

"It is a new world we live in. Collective bargaining is fine, but it can't be steam rolling your whole political process to run your business and your economy in a state," he says.

His opinion is based on a different generation, remembering what unions were like during a different time.

"One big difference," he says, "it's like pre-war economies. A national post-depression economy, federally. And in the state of Wisconsin, the thing that picked up our economy I'm sorry to say, was World War Two and jobs, and vets coming back. "It was of need, and today it's of clout. Who slices the political pie."

As Walker faces off against Democratic Mayor Tom Barrett of Milwaukee for the second time, there are other Southwest Floridians who don't want to see Walker stay in office.

Dozens protested an event he held in Naples in February. They fear if he remains in office, it could signal other Republican Governors to try similar tactics to limit union rights.

Walker is only the third governor in U.S. history to face a recall election. If he wins, he would be the first to keep his job.

Many also believe if he keeps his job, it will be difficult for President Obama to win Wisconsin in the presidential election.

Unions across the country are watching the results closely tonight. That includes the Collier County Education Association.