Published: Sep 13, 2011 10:24 AM EDT

TAMPA, Fla.   Governor Rick perry and former Masschusetts Governor Mitt Romney picked up right where they left off in last week's debate.
 The gloves were off for much of the night, with a majority of candidates turning up their criticism on the front-runner.
 Governor Perry spent the early part of the debate defending his decision to compare social security to a ponzi scheme.
 The issue of was front-and-center from the start of the debate.
 Former  Masschusetts Governor  Mitt Romney led the attack saying social security has worked for millions in the past and shouldn't be done away with.
 Rick Perry, however, stayed firm saying the system has been broken from the start and needs reforming.
few of the candidates trailing in the race had a breakout moment in tonight's debate.
Congresswoman Michele Bachmann's most vocal criticism came against Governor Perry and his decision to mandate an hpv vaccine for girls in texas.
But, much of the fireworks on the stage were between the leading candidates, with Romney and Perry trading jabs on who truly wants to save social security.

The candidates were steadfast in opposing President Obama's new jobs plan, saying his proposal doesn't spell out how tax cuts will be paid or what future spending cuts will be needed to reduce the debt.