Published: Jul 17, 2014 4:27 PM EDT
Updated: Jul 17, 2014 6:40 PM EDT

ARCADIA, Fla.- An Arcadia man claimed his mail has ceased for several days in the last two months because the postal deliverer refused to U-turn in his driveway.

Hendrik Dolleman lives at the end of a deadend road in Arcadia. For years, the post office and trash trucks have serviced his property at the end of the road. Over the years, the constant u-turns caused the road and front of his property to wear away.

“They had left quite a big dip, bunch of divets and pretty much wore out the road, so I had enough...I dug all the stuff that they had dragged in from the road and put it out on the road and lined my swale and driveway with some decorative stones .”

Dolleman said the trash trucks continued to pick up his trash and would pull into his driveway to turn around. However, he says the mail stopped without notice.

“Took me about four days to notice I hadn’t gotten mail, that’s when I went up to the post office.”

Hendrik told WINK News he contacted the Arcadia postmaster who said it was unsafe for his driver to turn around on the road. However, Hendrik said his neighbors continued to receive mail and there mailboxes were 50 yards from his, on the same road.

“There’s no place to turn around on my block that’s any different than my place,” he said. “ I don’t want the mailman to be unsafe, I just want my mail.”

Hendrik then contacted WINK News Call For Action.

“Within three hours someone called me up out of the blue saying they just got an email that must have been lost or something and came out the next day and did a site check and now I’m getting my mail.”

WINK News contacted the spokesperson for USPS. We asked why the mail stopped originally, what changed the postmaster's mind and how long mail was ceased. We only received the below response.