Published: Dec 06, 2013 1:11 PM EST
Updated: Dec 06, 2013 6:51 PM EST

NAPLES, Fla. - A late Thanksgiving means less time to get your gifts, get them wrapped, and get them delivered.

"Mondays especially are going to be so heavy with people coming in doing their mailing, that our lines will be tremendously long," explained Naples Postmaster for the United States Postal Service Richard Barber.

Luckily the Post Office has a solution. Three post offices in Collier and Bonita Springs will have an employee manning the self-service kiosks for a few hours on Sunday, December 8th and 15th.

The self-service kiosks are found throughout Southwest Florida and are available to use 24-hours a day at certain locations. The difference is that for the next two Sundays, if you're not sure how to use the machines, someone can help!

"These self-service kiosks are the most user-friendly machines we have. And not only that, we'll have representatives here to work with you, for you," said Barber.

Getting your packages in the mail Sunday gives you a big advantage this year.

"We have tractor trailers lined up taking this mail, all the mail on Sunday, to the airline on Sunday night in order to get it out of Southwest Florida and to its destination a full day ahead of the glut we'll see on Monday in the next two weeks," Barber told us.

Plus, the post office will have plenty of free boxes and tape for those wanting to send their packages priority.

"Do not wait until Monday. Take advantage of the opportunity... Representatives will be waiting for you," said Barber. "We're going to get this mail out of town for you; your loved one will get them in good shape next week."

Post Office representatives will man the self-service kiosks from 12pm - 4pm on December 8th and 15th at the following locations:

1200 Goodlette Road - Naples
1130 Creekside Way - Naples
26150 Old 41 Rd. - Bonita Springs

Three Post Offices in Lee and Charlotte counties will be open on Sunday December 8th and 15th:

Fort Myers Page Field - 10am - 3pm

Punta Gorda - Murdock - 10am  - 2pm

Punta Gorda Main - 9am - 2pm