Published: Nov 01, 2013 6:01 PM EDT
Updated: Nov 01, 2013 6:54 PM EDT

FORT MYERS, Fla. - Technology runs our everyday lives but how safe are we when we're online?

You've heard us talk countless times about crooks hacking into your computer. That's child's play for experienced cyber criminals. Nowadays, anything that is connected is vulnerable.

"Anything that's connected, whether it's blue tooth, wifi, whatever, if it's connected, then someone can hack into it," said John Benkert, Owner of CPR Tools in LaBelle.

In August, two global security experts showed a hackers conference how they remotely took control of a car's electronic smart steering, braking, displays, everything.

That same month, parents in Texas were shocked when they realized the baby monitor in their child's room was hacked.

Even the webcam on your laptop can be remotely hacked into.

"Remember that (the hackers) have time on their side. That's all they do, all they do is try to hack your computer. Because they have all that time, eventually they can get in if you're not smart about how you protect your computer," Benkert said.

For instance, the charger for your iPhone can be hacked. Which provides an easy way for crooks to get your mobile banking data.

A lot of pacemakers and other medical implants are now coming with computer chips, those can be hacked.

And in case you're wondering, yes your home security system can be hacked too.

"It really is that simple, if you're on the internet, you're not protected," said Benkert.

So how do we combat the hackers?

First of all, password protect everything. And no, "password" is not a good password. Use numbers, letters, symbols. Mix it up. Experts also recommend you change your password every six months. That will at least slow the hackers down.

Also, be sure to monitor your devices and your bank account for any irregular activity.

Those will provide some defense, but the sad truth is...

"Is anything perfectly secure? No you're never gonna find that. So you want to make it as difficult as you can," Benkert said.

The good news is, chances are someone isn't going to hack into your car or your baby monitor. But it's important to know what's vulnerable and take steps to protect yourself.