Published: Jul 11, 2013 6:25 PM EDT
Updated: Jul 11, 2013 7:42 PM EDT

FORT MYERS, Fla. - It started because of a room key and it ended with broken bones. Now a local family is taking a major casino to court.

The Binns family, Renee, John and their 17-year-old daughter Andrea, were vacationing at the Harrah's Resort in Atlantic City last August. John and Renee say their room key kept deactivating. John went to get a new key and speak to the hotel manager.

"I explained to him how many times this has happened. He mentioned that he spoke to my wife and tried to correct the problem. I told him it was a reoccurring problem and it hasn't corrected it's self yet. He was getting agitated with me, I was getting agitated with him. He just came to the point and said, I've had enough of you guys, you're outta here," John said, describing his conversation with the manager.

John says he agreed to leave the hotel after being kicked out. Though he asked that Atlantic City Police officers escort the family to the room to collect their belongings, instead of hotel security. As they were waiting for police to arrive, the security guards surrounded John.

"They kept closing, and I felt threatened. It was a no-win situation, I was hoping for the best and hoping the police would show up before anything would happen," John said, "I said, look I'm done talking let's just wait for the Atlantic City Police, and that's when I was attacked."

Hotel security video, which the Binns family subpoenaed and gave to WINK News Call For Action, shows four security guards surrounding John. Then they take him down.

John says his elbow was injured during the process. But what hurts him even more is seeing what the security guards did to his wife and daughter a few minutes later.

After security hauls John away, Renee and Andrea head back to their room to collect their belongings. They didn't get very far. As one security guard in civilian clothes drags Renee away, two grown men surround Andrea, kicking her legs out from underneath her and sending her onto the marble floor. The family tells us Andrea's nose was broken as a result.

"I remember saying don't touch me I'll just go, but before I even finished saying that I was attacked," Andrea said.

"All I'm shouting is 'she's a minor, she's my daughter and I need to get back to her.' And they didn't care...they didn't care," Renee said, fighting back tears.

The family has filed criminal assault charges against the security guards. Meanwhile, the casino has filed disorderly conduct charges against John.

A company spokesperson says because the Binns family is seeking litigation, Harrah's can't comment.

"Outrageous. Absolutely uncalled for," John said, "it was unnecessary, they mishandled the situation from the start."

Keith Hanson, the owner of Lee County Based On-Sight Tactical Training Institute, agrees.

"I think this entire thing was preventable, they could have prevented it had they changed the technique they used with the father early on," Hanson said.

Hanson trains prospective security guards. We asked him to view the video and tell us if the use of force was justified.

"It's clear that they were setting him from the takedown. They had somebody in the front, they had him flanked on both sides. So it's a classic setup for a takedown," Hanson said.

The Binns family will be in an Atlantic City court next month. They also plan to file a lawsuit later this month to help with their medical bills. We'll keep you updated as they go through the process.