Published: Jun 27, 2013 6:18 PM EDT
Updated: Jun 27, 2013 6:45 PM EDT

FORT MYERS, Fla. - Dawn Hayner has been getting quite a workout recently, but not what you would expect. She canceled her gym membership, yet her wallet keeps getting skinnier.

"It seems this is kind of their business practice," Hayner said, "I don't agree with it and I think people need to be aware."

It started in December, when Dawn and her father chose to cancel their memberships to the LA Fitness at the Gulf Coast Town Center.

"We went in to cancel and we were told that we had to speak to a lady behind the counter," Hayner said, "we did that and they indicated that we were canceled."

But then her father checked his bill from American Express. He was still getting charged, despite the fact that he and his daughter say they canceled.

We tried to contact representatives from LA Fitness at their corporate office in California, but no one ever got back to us.

Turns out this isn't an issue with just Dawn and her father. It's nationwide.

In may, the fitness chain settle a class-action lawsuit where clients alleged the company continued to charge their credit cards after they canceled their gym memberships. LA Fitness denies any wrong doing.

In an opinion released in September, Judge William Walls said "in this day and age, narrowly restricting the mode of cancellation in such a manner, suggests an intent to place barriers in the process."

"It just makes me realize that it's not a localized," Hayner said, "it's a nationwide problem."

LA Fitness has agreed to offer membership passes, cash credits and refunds to settle the class-action lawsuit.

Meanwhile, Hayner, who isn't part of the lawsuit, learned this week that her membership is officially canceled, six months after she says she originally tried.

LA Fitness told her she didn't properly cancel her membership, even though she went there in person three times. Dawn tells WINK News the company isn't offering her a refund.