Published: May 30, 2013 5:37 PM EDT

FORT MYERS, Fla. - Millions of sports fans collect memorabilia of their favorite teams and players. One father thought he hit a homerun when he won an online auction for the jersey of his son's favorite player.

"I was devastated; I bought the jersey for my son to give him as a present," said Dan, "he is a huge Alex Rodriguez fan. And I was told it was fake I felt victimized."
Dan didn't want to show his face because he still can't believe he lost $3,200 in this scam. He bought the jersey off a site called Vintage Authentics.

Dan was told he won a jersey A-Rod wore in 1997 with the Seattle Mariners. He quickly learned otherwise.

"There was an event where Alex Rodriguez was signing jerseys and I approached him and his representative said it was a fake," Dan said.

Postal Inspectors investigating Dan's case bought some items from the site, then went to the teams.
"The team looked at the material on the name plates and confirmed it is not the same material used in the jersey. They also looked at the color of the names and the graphics on the jerseys," said Christopher Cizin, a U.S. Postal Inspector.
Inspectors say this is a growing problem. In fact, some people have no idea they have been taken.

"If they receive the item they may have hung it up on the wall and they are happy with their purchase. They never would have known they were a victim," Cizin said.
Dan tried to contact Vintage Authentics, to no avail.

"When I found out it was not an authentic jersey, I contacted the company and asked for my money back," Dan said, "needless to say I never got my money back."

The owner of Vintage Authentics has been arrested and is still awaiting sentencing.