Published: May 17, 2013 4:00 PM EDT
Updated: May 17, 2013 6:47 PM EDT

FORT MYERS, Fla. - A Call for Action investigation helps one local man get new refrigerator doors after his stainless steel appliance started to rust. But the story didn't end there. A local appliance company saw our story and wanted to do even more.

Two weeks ago we showed you the rust coming through Gary Davis' stainless steel refrigerator doors. Still under the original two-year warranty, neither the store he bought the appliance from, nor the manufacturer was willing to fix it, until we stepped in.

After we contacted Whirlpool, they agreed to replace all three rusting doors free of charge. But for local, family-owned Good Deals Appliances, that wasn't good enough.

"The problem is it would have taken weeks to get [the doors]. They would've had to have been custom made," explained Mike Olson sales manager at Good Deals Appliances in Fort Myers.

Good Deals reached out to Gary and offered to clear up his rust problem right away by just getting him a new refrigerator.

Gary couldn't be happier or more surprised with his turn of luck.

"I was surprised because I'm not their customer. They don't know me from Adam and they really treated me well," said Gary.

For Good Deals Appliances' employees and owner, it was important for them to help Gary who wasn't a customer because they stand by what they sell.

"We sell a lot of stainless steel and we didn't want it to be-- people thinking that it happens all the time. That was a one in 1000 chance that that would happen. It was obviously a defect," said Mike. "... All of our Whirlpool and KitchenAid appliances are quality-grade stainless steels so you should never have a rust problem."

And it's because of Good Deals Appliances, Gary may be changing his tune about stainless.

Two weeks ago, Gary told us, "I'm not buying stainless. I will not buy another stainless."

Now, he's in the market to replace one last appliance.

"The next thing I'm going to do is replace my dishwasher and I will go to Good Deals," he said.

So we asked Gary, will you go back to stainless?

"I think i am going to go stainless, I really do. Everything else is stainless and they said this was fine... they said it was just a fluke. And this refrigerator, is gorgeous. It's just like the other one except no rust spots all over it. I'm happy with it," he said.

And that's the true bottom line for the owners and employees at Good Deals.

"It's great, you know. We just made a customer for life... customer service is what it's all about," said Mike.

Good Deals tells us they have a good relationship with Whirlpool and will take care of getting a replacement from the company.