Published: May 03, 2013 5:11 PM EDT

LEE COUNTY, Fla. -- A Call for Action Alert:  Watch your wallet.  Scammers are offering to fix your computer problems but in reality you end up even bigger problems.  It's all just a ploy to get your cash.

Daniel didn't want to show his face but he spoke to WINK News to warn others about a computer scam.

"They say that they are with Microsoft.  I said no I don't think so and I said let me talk to a manager and they would not let me speak to a manager," said Daniel.

That was the first red flag.  Daniels said no way and hung up the phone.

"I got fed up and I called Dell.  Dell said that they don't have anybody doing that and they tried to fix my computer and it ended up a hacker got into my computer and took everything out.  Dell cannot even get into it," said Daniel.

Vanessa Lee said someone called her claiming to be from Microsoft.  Since she was already having computer issues, she didn't think twice about getting help.

"The guy wanted to get on the computer and look and work on it from their end," said Lee.

They took Lee to a website called  It's a program that allows the scammer to gain access to your computer.

"He says the problem is I can't work on your computer unless you buy the extended warranty," said Lee.

So Lee gave her credit card information and was told she'd get an update in a few hours.  Instead, she checked out her computer.

"What I did see is that they were wiring money to India and they had the name Potter or Porter Keisling which is mom's last name and I'm like whoa!" said Lee.

Lee called Western Union only to find out they had already stopped the transaction and she wasn't out any money.  Lee County Sheriff's Office fraud specialist, Beth Schell, said protect your computer like you would your house.

"You wouldn't leave your front door open and just let anybody come in and do whatever they want to do to your house," said Schell.

If you do get one of these calls from someone claiming to be from Microsoft, it's most likely a scam.  If you need computer, you need to pick up the phone and call.  They're not going to call you.