Published: Feb 13, 2013 6:49 PM EST

FORT MYERS, Fla. - A month later and still no word from a local moving company that promised to make things right. After our original story aired, we found out this isn't the first time the company has made false promises.

It took several weeks to get City of Palms Movers on the phone last time. WINK News Call For Action wanted to speak with them about their client Joyce Wasylik, who paid them more than $500 but claims they left her entertainment center in her living room. She also says the movers broke two pieces of glass.

Kara Lovell with City of Palms wouldn't agree to have the phone call recorded but she told me "we would love to make her happy." But they haven't made any attempts to keep that promise. City of Palms hasn't called me or Joyce Wasylik since.

After our original story aired, we discovered another false promise made by City of Palms.

City of Palms sent a handwritten fax to the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services on December 6th, in regards to a complaint by Fort Myers resident Ryan Van Horn. Van Horn claims the moving company broke two pieces of furniture when he hired them. In the fax, Lovell says, "we will be happy to pay for the bill for fixing the furniture."

There has been no communication since. On January 9th, the state sent Van Horn a letter saying "the business has refused to cooperate." Since Florida law doesn't allow the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services to order refunds ore reimbursements, the case has been closed unsatisfactorily.

Another common trend is that both Wasylik and Van Horn claim they were never given a receipt and that their damages were never documented.