Published: Feb 01, 2013 5:28 PM EST
Updated: Feb 01, 2013 6:22 PM EST

FORT MYERS, Fla. - Call For Action has two mail scams to alert you about. One is a new scam, that could turn you into a criminal and a victim, the other is a scam that won't go away.

The new scam asks you to receive, re-package and then mail out merchandise to a foreign address. The problem is, the contents are usually paid for with stolen credit cards. If you repackage and mail it, you become a part of a fencing operation and could go to jail.

The other scam, is an old one, but it still finds plenty of victims.

"On the website and on the radio what they heard is they would be stuffing envelopes and being paid up to $5,000 a week," said US Postal Inspector Daryl Greenberg.
As old as the scam is, the Post Office says more than 230 people were lured in by a bogus job offer in one case alone.

"You had very young victims out of high school and you had very elderly victims. You had victims who were financially destitute," Greenberg said.
Victims were told to send between 50 and 500 dollars for the starter packet, but they received nothing in return.
"They were heartfelt, they were trying to do good and make money and fell victim anyway," Greenberg said.
"I have never found a legitimate envelope-stuffing project that actually panned out the way people believe."

The bottom line to avoiding these scams is the same as most others. Don't give out your personal information to people who you don't know. And don't handle merchandise or money from people who just send it to you. No one needs to pay you to deposit their checks or ship their goods.