Published: Dec 27, 2012 6:07 PM EST
Updated: Dec 27, 2012 6:58 PM EST

FORT MYERS, Fla. -- WINK News Call For Action had an incredible year. Our volunteers put more than $300,000 back into the pockets of Southwest Florida residents who felt they were wronged or ripped-off.

One of our most successful stories involved a resident at Audubon Cove, an apartment complex in south Fort Myers. One resident, who asked us to call her Kim, moved out of her apartment because she was concerned about the mold.

"I was afraid that me or the children would be getting sick because there was holes there and mold coming through the paint," Kim told us.

She tried calling management at the apartment complex but had no luck. That's when she called us.

"Nothing would happen until WINK News aired my story."

After several months of demanding answers, we finally got a response from management. They agreed to fix the mold issue in Kim's apartment.

Call For Action also took up the case of Howard Gittins, a military veteran with Alzheimer's. In May, Howard was told he could move into Douglas. T. Jacobson, the state VA nursing home in Port Charlotte. A few weeks later, Howard's wife received a life changing phone call.

"I almost cracked up the car, obviously. I mean I was just very, very upset," said Sue Gittins.

Sue says she was told she would either have to move her husband out, or pay significantly more a month. It was all because of a one day discrepancy.

"They said he's not registered as a veteran because he served only 180 days, of active duty instead of 181. Even though he was a captain in the military intelligence and in the military reserves for ten years," Gittins said.

So Sue called us, and we immediately called the state and federal VA. By the next day we were told Howard wouldn't be going anywhere.

"You have been wonderful in facilitating getting me in touch with other people," Gittins said.

Diana McDowell also turned to WINK News Call For Action when she thought she would never again see her $1,500. The financing on her new call fell through and suddenly the dealership charged her for mileage. She called us and our volunteers made one phone call.

"The car dealership had a 180 and called me like, 'oh, we have your 1500 dollars you know, we really didn't mean to take it from you' and it was a totally different story than what they were selling me before," McDowell said, "and it had to be WINK."